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I think everyone had a "Darrin Hudson" in their lives. Darrin Hudson was in my high school, back in Marlboro, NJ. You know, that person that you had to one-up all the time. Didn't matter what it was: Gear, hair, grades, sports, was ON. Well for Darrin and was kicks. Plain and simple. Oddly enough, in a school with over 1000 kids, me and him were the only 2 really into sneakers back then. This is my blog dedicated to Darrin. This is to tell Darrin that I'm still out there, and if he wants to battle, here it is son!! Bring it!! I've since lost touch with Darrin, but thanks to him, you all get to check out the kicks I have amassed over the years. So it is here, that I will archive every pair of shoes I own. It’ll include detailed photos, a grading system, a little tidbit behind each one and every single one will be available for purchase. (Simply POST A COMMENT with your offer). Some other little goodies sprinkled throughout also. Even if I updated a different shoe every week, it would take me about 3 years to complete this project. So sit back and enjoy! The project begins January 1st, 2006...

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Staple Delivery 3 finally is hitting stores as we speak. It drops in Reed Space today.
Perfect just as the weather breaks 90° and you need some fresh gear for the vacations and getaways.
Stapleのデリバリー3がまもなく店頭に出ます。Reed Spaceでは今日。30℃になろうとしている時には最適で、新品の服で夏休みや旅行を楽しみたいですね。

Let's start with the tees cuz it's too damn hot in NYC to talk about anything else.

BOND GIRL: Part 3 of 4 in our collaboration effort with DJ Muro of Japan. Muro and his company "Incredible" provides the soundtracks and the inspiration. We push the pixels and ink around. Then the magic happens. Don't ask us how it works.
BOND GIRL:DJ Muroとのコラボパート3。Muro氏率いるIncredibleがインスピレーションとサウンドトラックを提供。僕たちがピクセルとインクを担当。するとこんなミラクルが。

BAD APPLES: Part 4 of 4. DJ Muroとのコラボパート4。

Back to our EDUCATION series...教育シリーズに戻り。。。


The classic TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD complete with Harper Lee autograph on the back.

NEVER TOO LATE: It's never too late to learn and it's never too late to earn.

NON SERVIAM: The Latin phrase "non serviam" was spoken by Satan as he refused to serve God. Lucifer states that it is better to reign in hell than submit in heaven. It translates into "I will not serve." Stephen Dedalus in James Joyce's "A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man", said it after his decision to follow the life of an artist, rather than that prescribed to him by the Roman Catholic Church. Who are you serving?
ラテン語で「私は仕えることはしない。」 サタンによると、「天国で降参するよりも地獄を支配したほうがましだ。」 (エレミヤ書2章20節)ジェームズ・ジョイスの「若き芸術家の肖像」で主人公のStephen Dedalusが同じく言い、カトリック教会から指示されたことより自ら決断した芸術家の道を進むことにした。あなたは何に仕えていますか?

And some BASICS never die:

The Pigeon is back in White cuz your pit stains messed up your original one. Also in a fresh new Spring Green.

Your nasty pits also messed up the Staple Undershirt. Also look out for the fresh blue joint.
こちらも同じく前のStaple Undershirtがそろそろ買い替え時。新しいブルーにも注目。

And now for some cut & sew:

OLSEN SHIRT: Mr. Olsen taught a class aptly titled "Social Studies". Ironic, seeing that he was an air marshal in the last great war. In the chopper, he wasn't known for his social attributes. Sentences were generally edited to no more then four words. An example: “Get the {expective} {verb}!!!” Retired, Olsen now yells at students napping during lectures. But the shirt is derived from the same roots. Military-spec ripstop cotton. Bartack reinforced side openings. Pleated back. And the shooting flap straight from his fatigues on the shoulder. There's no place like home.
OLSEN SHIRT:オルソン先生は社会科を教えていた。皮肉な事に戦時中に空軍中将としてヘリを操縦していた頃はまったく社会性がなかった。言うことがだいたいののしりで、「あの(ピー)を(ピー)しろ!」という具合に。今は授業中に居眠りする生徒を怒鳴りちらしている。このシャツは空軍から影響をうけている。ミリタリースペックのリップストップコットン。サイドスリットはバータックで補強。背中にはプリーツ。ガンフラップはまさに軍服から。

GILLICK SHIRT: Convertibles are just beautiful aren't they? You can attend a dinner function
with class and the next day, take the top off and behave without a care in world. A shirt like this serves the exact same purpose for Gillick. With a light jacket on, he is the perfect gentleman. Take it off and it's "Two Corona's please." If only everything in life was this adaptable. Fine cotton poplin pinstripe creates the smoke and mirrors effect of sophistication.The reinforced shoulder patches help your posture. Hidden double chest pocket. V-Notch sleeve for ease of motion. Take our word for it; this is the shirt you're going to want to purchase multiples of. Gillick says so.
GILLICK SHIRT:コンバーチブルってかっこいいよね。上品に夕食会に乗り付けた次の日にはトップを下ろして気楽にできる。そんな感じでギリックはこのシャツを着ていた。ジャケットと着ればジェントルマンだが、脱げれば「コロナビール二本くれ」って言える。すべてがこんなに使いまわすことができればばな。ファインコットンのポプリンピンストライプは洗礼された雰囲気に。補強ショルダーパッチは姿勢をよく見せる。隠しダブルポケットが胸元に。動きやすいようにスリーブにはVノッチ。これは何枚も欲しくなるよ。ギリックがそう言ってる。

HORN POLO: Ahhh, a contradiction if there ever was one. In the middle of the first decade of our 21st century, a phenomenon occurred known simply as "all over". Poor "all over"...How could a trend called "all over" possibly survive any respectable amount of time? Consider this polo a memorial to "all over". Inspired by the barbed wire fences that separated us from the wrong side of the tracks...It's a short sleeved polo with metallic running stitch throughout. Fine pique cotton. Buttondown collar at three points. Ventilated armpit holes. Ribbed cuff. Tennis tail bottom. Rest In Peace "all over".
HORN POLO:これこそ矛盾しているものはない。21世紀始めの中ごろ「総柄」という現象が起こった。かわいそうな「総柄」。「総柄」なんて名前のトレンドが長続きするわけがないのに。このポロシャツは「総柄」へ追悼の意を込めて作った。治安があまり良くない近所でよく見かける金網フェンスからこのシルバーるレックスのメタリックステッチがインスパイアされた。ピケコットン。襟には3つボタン。通気性抜群の脇ホール。リブカフス。裾はテニステール。R.I.P「総柄」

BRAMBLE VENTED JKT and KURINSKY SHORTS: Bramble or as his friends called him, Bram, had a vivid imagination as a child. The Disney film, Tron was a major influence in Bram's life. So much so, he used to waste his mom's Dixie paper plates and use them as those frisbee-like weapons they used in the movie. Adorable...
Today, Bram can relive his sci-fi dreams with this setup. Water resistant nylon. Ventilated mesh at all the places you'd ever need some venting. Zippered welt pocket at chest. Elastic bias taping at cuffs and waist for ultimate aerodynamics. And of course, a grid pattern to recall memories of your Lightcycle.
BRAMBLE VENTED JKTとKURINSKY SHORTS: ブランブルは仲間の間ではブラムと呼ばれていた。子供のころは想像力がすごく豊かだった。ディズニーのTRONという映画がブラムの人生に巨大な影響を与えた。お母さんの紙皿をその映画で出てきたフリズビーみたいな武器にみたてて無駄にしていた事もあった。かわいいかったね。。。
今ブラムはこのセットアップで彼のSFXに対する憧れを満たしていた。耐水加工のナイロン。必要と思われる全ての箇所に通気メッシュ。胸にはジッパーウェルトポケット。バイヤスデープ入りカフスとウエスト。 そして、映画にでてくるライトサイクルを思い出させるようなグリッド柄。


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I'm a slave to my creator...curious to know...what are you enslaved to?

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