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I think everyone had a "Darrin Hudson" in their lives. Darrin Hudson was in my high school, back in Marlboro, NJ. You know, that person that you had to one-up all the time. Didn't matter what it was: Gear, hair, grades, sports, was ON. Well for Darrin and was kicks. Plain and simple. Oddly enough, in a school with over 1000 kids, me and him were the only 2 really into sneakers back then. This is my blog dedicated to Darrin. This is to tell Darrin that I'm still out there, and if he wants to battle, here it is son!! Bring it!! I've since lost touch with Darrin, but thanks to him, you all get to check out the kicks I have amassed over the years. So it is here, that I will archive every pair of shoes I own. It’ll include detailed photos, a grading system, a little tidbit behind each one and every single one will be available for purchase. (Simply POST A COMMENT with your offer). Some other little goodies sprinkled throughout also. Even if I updated a different shoe every week, it would take me about 3 years to complete this project. So sit back and enjoy! The project begins January 1st, 2006...

Wednesday, August 06, 2008


Time keeps ticking....and Singapore gets their New Balance booty. Good looking out for these photos! 時間が着々と過ぎていきます。。。シンガポールにNew Balanceが入荷します。

The new Flying Pigeon Tee. 新しいフライイング・ピジョン。


Great to see people walking out of the store with the shoes on. They are a great sneaker peoples...WEAR THEM! These were from the store Le Vault. 靴を履いてお店から出る方を見ると嬉しいです。みんな、いいスニーカーなので、履いてください!これはLe Vaultというお店です。


Leftfoot Singapore gets their share also. Gotta love the reaction of the young lady as she checks out the pigeons. Leftfoot Singaporeにも届きました。ビジョンたちを見つけた女性のリアクションがたまらない。



"Limited Edition" shop in SG also got to party it up. Another person who's gonna wear these kicks out. Thanks everyone...
シンガポールの「Limited Edition」というお店でも大騒ぎ。この人もキックスを履いてお店を後にしました。ありがとう、みんな。。。


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